Monday, 6 June 2011

June Giveaway

This month 1 lucky winner will get their hands on a collection of reusable fabric mini mae stickers
All you have to do is head to the love mae website, choose your favorite collection, post a comment below & tell us why you love it & how you would display them

The winner will be announced on thursday june 30th, your username will go into a hat and drawn by random so enter as many time as you like, Check back here next month to see if your the winner & send me your address to my email

Mini Mae is exactly like her big sister... but little!
Stick on laptops, notebooks, lunch boxes, mobile phones, furniture, in your car &, well, just about anywhere!

Good luck



  1. Favourite? Message Tiles
    Why? They are just adorable and have so many uses! (I also have a slight addiction to scrabble tiles)
    Where? I think where wouldn't I put them should be the question! On the office wall, As part of gift wrapping and on the wall as a sweet note for my hubby and on placemats for guest seating.. just so many places Oh! and definitely on the front of my notebook!

  2. Favourite: Photo Dots

    Why? Because I love my photos and love to display them for people to see and these Photo Dots would make even the worst of my photos look awesome.

    Where: Everywhere!! Bedroom, living room, kitchen... They would look great on any wall. I would have them displayed as individuals or grouped together similar to the example on the website. I would even try putting one on the fridge with a photo of me on it so its the first thing my house mates see in the morining when they go to get the milk for their breakfast.

  3. I love the alphabet nautical. The would be useful for the kids at school and also for the scrapbook I may start sometime!!

  4. LOVE IT!! So Cute. Will be perfect for our nursery. My favourite is the light tree and forest twitters.

  5. I love the Rain Clouds one.
    Nothing better than being snuggled in your bed on a rainy day...
    and having these on your bedroom wall will give you that feeling everyday.

    Jess. Xx

  6. Congratulations to lower case jess your name was chosen out of the hat this morning.
    Love Mae will be sending your gift in the mail ASAP enjoy!
    Please forward your address to

  7. Oh how delightful! I love the butterflies (girly) collection, and would use it on my unborn daughter's bedroom.

  8. so cool! girl! you are amazing!lovely!

    -fashion illustrator-

  9. How could you not fall in love with the 'Dress up doll' stickers. I would put them in my sewing studio!